World cup Sylt/ Germany

The event on Sylt is almost finished. We manage to do all disciplines. Full double elimination in wave as well in freestyle and Slalom guys didn't just chill on the beach either. Wind was more or less around 5-20kts untill yesterday when it picked up to 50kts and brought 3-4m waves. It is still blowing and it doesn't want to stop. The tents are barely holding. All in all... event was very very big, it was many people who 100% enjoyed the action. Freestyle was amazing. In single I had to fight with Matia Pedrani. The heat was cancelled because we had some misunderstanding with the judges...the time was not right and we didn't see the flags. Later we resailed the heat but the wind dropped and I didn't have enough power to do good moves. I lost and double was my chance again. I got Dutch sailor Paul Zepper. I took good tactics and preformed the moves nice and clean and won. Next Opponent was very very strong sailor Steven van Broeckhoven. Wind was picking up so we were both powered up on 5.2 and this time I took the big board. Heat was almost on when the wind dropped totally on like 4kts. It was a problem for us to come back because the waves were quite big. After one hour or two the wind came back strong and we pulled the heat. I pulled out good moves but he did even better so he won but I was happy to sail good. I finished on 17. place and on my overall ranking in PWA is now 13. place but we will know 100% in the evening. I am very happy as my goal was to reach top 15 and I did even better. After a few hours I leave Sylt and go for the final EFPT event on Naxos/ Greece which will take place on 8.oktober. Stay tuned! Some lifestyle photos down...


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