Capetown part1

Hey everybody!

It was quite a while since I updated you with some news. Sorry about that but was nothing special going on. I was waiting for equipment 2010 and the most important thing is that this year I am fully on RRD. Sails and boards. Sails are working very very good, better than I expected. The material (monofilm) is strong as well so it Is perfect for all conditions. I am sailing on Superstyle model, which is freestyle sail but I can't complain in wave conditions. about the boards.... freestyle board is sick! I have 88l at the moment and it slides like crazy, it has faster exeleration and really nice pop. I was waiting long time for new pads and now they are here. Normall thin pads are great! On top of the board on the rail is some bump (I don't know how is it called) which gives you better planinng abilities( you can push the board away from you and it still stays on the water with the whole bottom). Anyway top stuff. In wave riding I am not and expert so I still need some experience to give you info but for me on perfect waves the twinzer is much better than single fin. Ok enough about equipment... I am in Cape town already 11 days and last week was very bad. Almost no wind ( 1 day of sailing with big sails). Now the wind is back on track. Full power every day without stoping. I use all the time 4.1 or 3.7 and 74l twinzer or 88l twintip. In the morning we always go to the lake( cuz the wind is not so strong), and in the afternoon action on waves. Today some waves built up so it was a perfect session on melkbos. Lets see what can we get in the afternoon. Enjoy and expect part 2 very very soon ;)


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