Fuerteventura Grand Slam is finished, time for new stuff !

The third event for PWA is over. The wind was blowing every day more or less, it was very gusty but at least we could sail every day. Last two days we also got some waves so it was very hard to sail. I already mentioned how it went in first single. If I sum it up shortly... in first single I won against Edvan de Souza from Brazil, second heat I lost against  Taty Frans. In first double elimination I waited for Leo Ray. He was sailing already a few heats so he was in good form.  My sailing got bad and Leo advanced. Second single elimination was on. I won against Dai Nagamine from Japan then I lost the second heat against Andy Chambers from England just for a little little bit. In double I had a good chance to climb up again but it appears it was not my day. I lost in the first round against Gaubert from France and my road was over. At the end I finished on 29. place which is pretty bad result after Lanzarote- 9. place. There is one more event in Sylt and I will work hard to improve my overall ranking result. Two more days in Fuerteventura then off to Egypt. There will be interesting things going on... new freestyle project with the best freestyle windsurfers... and before we have also clinics with the most professional teaching quiksilver windsurfing school check it out HERE ... stay tuned !


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