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Competition season in 2011 is officially over. Last PWA event on Sylt didn't bring us any wind, just summer time and tow in. Therefore there was no chance to improve the result for overall ranking and I stayed on 24th position. I am not super happy with the result as I know I can do much much better, but it was expected as I didn't manage to train so much as I should in winter. I had a few very good heats during the year so I am happy with the season. Unfortunately we didn't have much events in EFPT and I hope next year situation will change. Like every year last competition is Slovenian championship. This year surprisingly organized different. With help of fajn.si there was even a live ticker with photos and short videos. I had bad luck this time and got injured one day before on training session. I stretched ligaments on my knee and no sport for at least 2 weeks came on the list. Beside hard work and traveling on tour I organized 4 successful windsurf camps around the world. On Sardinia, two in Dahab and on Lesvos in Greece. I am very very happy to see more people learning windsurfing, enjoying and starting to live lifestyle which is priceless. That is why I will organize more camps next year on more locations, calendar for windsurf camps in 2012 will be out by the end of this year. Now I have to rest, work hard in editing and at university and in november it is time to start "winter" training in Brazil and other destinations. Full power! 

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