Rhodes- Dusseldorf- Fuerteventura- Dusseldorf- Amsterdam- Lesvos

It has been quite a while since you heard from me… Almost two busy month traveling, doing clinics and competing… After very cool camp on Rhodes(thanks again everyone for such a great time), I flew to Fuerteventura for the PWA competition… From the beginning of the trip till the end I had bad luck every day… First my equipment didn't arrive, then my new board which was sent to me to Fuerte, was totally damaged, not sailable, so I had to borrow it from my team riders( thanks to Jendrush and Paternina !!)… The wind was very light and I didn't feel comfortable on new gear which I was not used to it, so I didn't do what i can… There was also some confusion with the accommodation so in 10days I changed the accommodation 5 times which was very stressful… the motivation dropped which was reflecting in the result at the end… Ok I said… what doesn't kill you it makes you stronger they say… I flew with Davy Scheffers to Holland, stayed 5 days at his place( big thanks to his mom, dad, dog and of course Davy for hospitality) and caught a really nice evening session before departure to Greece. Those 5 days were really great, I got back the motivation and start to think different on competition… Before I realized it , we were in Sigri, Lesvos, unpacked and ready to rock! Sigri is the best place I have been to in Greece. Peaceful, beautiful, locals are super friendly, the sailing is amazing when it is windy, and you have unbelivable sunsets, so what can you wish more? Two days of rest and then EFPT competition started… The forecast was very tricky, so we were all scared it won't be windy, but luckily the wind kicked in and we had great conditions…. In first single I started really good. Switch both sides and every heat I added more power moves which was enough to win against Nikos Athanasiou, Adam Gavriel, and Adrian Beholz. Third place it was in the single and I was super happy. We started the double, but we couldn't really finish it the same day, so next day we went on. The wind was still good and we saw really good action from everyone. I was waiting for my opponent and it was Adrian again. We both started very good, but the wind started to be very inconsistent and nuclear in the gusts… 5.2 was obviously too much. One move kept me from winning the heat again, so I ended up on 4th place this time. Still happy and motivated to go for another single elimination. The conditions were still good, so we proceeded with another single elimination. I had to come up again… I won the first two heats, then I was against the Russian Yakovlev who was clubbing up really fast with very good performance. I knew what I have to do and I had an amazing heat with double moves, power moves and switch both sides so I advanced in the next heat which was against Davy Scheffers who was leading the event. I opened the heat with double moves and burner but as the wind started to get gusty again I lost the concentration, not to forget that Davy was ripping the whole heat with the newest moves in freestyle. I saved some energy and he advanced. Next heat was the losers finals, I had to go against Adrian again. I was dead already but still fighting and doing my best. It was not enough for third place. We finished the single and the wind dropped so we couldn't finish the double elimination. Great competition which I finished on 4th position at the end and it is my best result so far… At the moment I am still in Sigri, training for next event and preparing for the clinic which will take place on 2.9. here in Sigri, Lesvos, so everyone welcome to join!



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