Got a call from Manuel Grafenauer and in a few days we were already flying up to the northern island- Iceland, full of miracle nature, cold, waves, wind and alien lights, haha :) . We had 2 weeks to explore the island, surf and windsurf the waves, check Icy lakes with Icebergs on SUP and freestyle some really beautiful spots with amazing nature around. If Tom Hartman, Amanda Beenen, sleepy Christian Friis, Mart Kuperij, Esa Greifeneder, Maxime Huyvet and of course the master Manu wouldn't be the crew I was traveling with it for sure wouldn't be so much fun and interesting, and I shouldn't forget the local dudes... Ingo from arctic surfers, Rafn Emilsson and Oliver from the north- they rule! I was more or less filming, but a few times I also jumped in the water. Felt warmer then outside of the water:P . Wind was there most of the time. A few times we also scored nice swell... Temperatures were actually not so bad, but the wind chill was so freaking cold that when I came back home I needed to warm my body up back to 36.6 degrees first to start working normal. I was lucky to have my Spartan Reflex wetsuit with me to keep me warm in the freezing water. Most of the time it was a bit cloudy, but when the sky got cleared I was good colors of the nature...huh... So... we checked the north, the south a little bit, the southwest and for the rest it was not enough time... next time ;) Island is so incredible... you can't believe it. The thing which amazed me the most was northern light... at first I was like... ooooook some bright light like fog moving around but suddenly it got brighter and brighter, greener and greener/purplisher and I was super hyped :P I think everyone should see this alien stuff... but Don't think we were sightseeing all the time and checking the beach, drinking beer and stuff which is normal for summer time... We were on the road normally from 8am till 12 pm(sometimes from 5am till 1am next day)- sailing, filming, driving, searching, freezing our ass and spending a lot of money for gas. Prices are a bit high up there actually...anyway... back to the point... all in all the trip was super sick... some parts of nature I have never seen before and spots are better than many people think... it's for sure place to visit at least one time in your life... more you can check in sick magazines and also the video will be online... soon ;)


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