First EFPT competition in RUSSIA

End of June first EFPT competition was held. This time in a totally different place... Not the first time and I hope not the last, in small town called Eysk in Russia... The expectations were a bit different. It was really nice place, super warm, around 27 degrees celsius every day and mostly sunny.. So real summer. We even had 2 days of wind to perform double elimination. It was light but still doable. I was using 96l F2 Rodeo , 4.4 F2 freestyle concept on 370cm CAAS power wave mast and 5.2 freestyle concept on 400cm super light CAAS power wave mast. Unfortunately in the single elimination I had problems with the back boom clips, which got disconnected and I couldn’t show what I can do, so I had another chance in double elimination, where I passed first heat and in the second I started to downwind( couldn't go upwind because of the lack of wind) in the area, so I was struggling to stay in the area and couldn’t manage to make the highest level moves. I finished on 13th place which is ok after all the complications... Despite the complications it was a very good experience to take part in the event and hopefully I will get another chance to show my skills next year!

Beside competing I was also filming, and here you can see the video I edited for EFPT. From now on Different is supporting EFPT with video/photo crew, to follow the "new wave" and make the tour and support for the riders and brands much higher! Together we can for sure achieve more!

The EFPT Aqualeto Cup from European Freestyle Pro Tour on Vimeo.
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