Past year

Hey guys!

First of all I have to apologize for not writing anything the whole year, but I have a very good excuse…  since may I have been so busy that it was just impossible to find any time to write something. You are probably thinking ah 10min you could find to post a picture and write 2 sentences but I rather relaxed my brains 10 min every day… Anyway… there has been a lot going on… I started a project called Secrets Of The Wind with one of the best freestyle windsurfers on the planet and we managed to pull out 3 episodes and visit almost half of Europe… first trip was like 1 month long and it was super crazy, exciting, hard and fun! More you can anyway check on . Beside that I was very busy with other video projects for several companies and beside that I was also organizing windsurf camps which is kind of my favorite hobby as I love teaching windsurfing and I love seeing new happy faces when they start planing super fast and crazy along the bay… Here we are almost at the end of the year… actually that was fast… there is much more… but I have to run for another thing I am working on… The main thing I wanted to say is that I will keep updating the blog a bit more often so have fun and enjoy the news ;)


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