Hey everybody, finally windy again on my close spots. Lately we are sailing all the time in Preluka, that is in the goal of Opatija beautiful town next to Rijeka. It is quite flat water(except on weekends when there is 150 people) and wind like 20kts. On 17.5. there was also my friend so we got nice photos. The only thing which is not good about this spot is that I have to wake up 2.30 AM the 1 hour and a half drive from Slovenia and you are there at 4 AM. You start to rig and when you see at least a little bit you go in the water. At 10 AM you are already at work or university, but tired like hell. Anyway it's great fun and training. Back to you soon....

Photos by Danilo Kodrič-FOTODAKA

Andraž Žan


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