On 1.6. I went with my friend Matej to spot called Punat/ Croatia. It is situated on the south part of island Krk. The forecast was looking really good for evening and almost the whole day on 2.6. 2h and we were on the spot. 1.6. in the evening we just missed really cool session so I was sailing and pumping on 5.3 360 free and 90l twintip RRD. At around 10 pm the wind kicked in but it was dark.... whatever we turned the lights on the car and I showed some night action for the camera. The wind was picking up every hour. In the morning next day at 6 am the wind was blowing I think 30-40 kts. 4.3 lip wave and 90l twintip RRD was way to much and it was like that almost 2 h. After it dropped and picked up again in 1-2h for 4.7 360 free. The same story was going on until 5 pm when we hit the road. It was really cool day almost nobody on the water and great action.
Enjoy n stay tuned!

Spock one handed from the night session:


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