EFPT-Alaçati/Turkey 2009

Hello, hello! I'm already on Lanzarote/Spain, but i have to tell u a little bit about European freestyle pro tour event which took place in Turkey. It was my first event this year and it was quite good start. We had 2 double eliminations, so it means also quite good wind. Every day I was sailing with 5.2 360 free-the loft and RRD twintip 100l, except last heat in second double the wind picked up so I took 4.7 360 free. First day I won against Adam Gavriel the Izraelian young talented gun then I lost against the winner of event Steven Van Broeckhoeven. In double in advanced in the next heat then I lost against Nicolas Akgaczyon. Next day the wind look better from morning already, so it looked we will made another double elimination, and it was like that. In single elimination I sailed against Edvan Souza, I lost because of few stupid mistakes. Wind didn't stop so double elimination was on. I got Domonk Kovarik who was also training in Jeri the same time as I. I advanced to the next heat. My opponent was Ruben Petrise I also beat him, I was realy on fire those 2 heats, next one was against Phil Soltysiak. Wind picked up and in competition area was around 50 people and they were making crazy chop. Just one mistake and you loose when you are close with somebody...and this mistake happened to me again. Overal after 2 doubles I finished on 8. place which is the best place I ever made in EFPT in my life. Good start better end they say... Enjoy n keep checking...


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