Dahab freestyle week 2010

This year Vova Morozov also organized small event in Dahab called Dahab freestyle week. We had 2 windy days with north wind so it was enough time to finish double elimination. First day we were sailing on open sea. Spectators and judges were watching us from very big yacht. It was super interesting. Despite bad wind and chopy water at the beginning single was finished and we had a lot of fun. Popretinsky was first I was second and Gusev was third. After 2 days we moved to another spot. Better for freestyle and much better for photos. The wind was more constant and we pulled double elimination with great action. I was on fire and won 2 times against Popretinsky. So results after double elimination were: 1st myself, 2nd Popretinsky, 3rd Gusev, 4th Jakovlyev ,... I was super happy, that was my 2nd victory. I hope we will have good conditions also in EFPT and PWA , to show some good moves. Photos by Valery Pistry


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