First event in 2010- Russian wave

After cape Town we had a long period of no wind in Egypt. I was working for Quiksilver windsurf school in El tur( which was very exciting, I became one year older and I took part in first event in 2010. The biggest Russian event Russian wave took place in Soma bay close to Hurgada. The event was offering many disciplines: wakebording, surfing, kiteboarding, slalom windsurfing and freestyle windsurfing, oh and I almost forgot there was also discipline called miss Russian wave and it had the same prize money as each sport discipline J . So from 20. – 27. of february was time to compete and to have fun. There was one day of perfect wind and we manage to make the full double elimination. The wind was very strong at the beggining (4.5 superstyle full power) but at the end of the day it gave up and I had to pump hard with 5.3 to win the freestyle windsurf discipline. All the other days it was time to chill, for supersession and crazy session with very strong wind which came from nowhere. The organization was average, we had a lot of fun and I showed I gain some skills during winter. I am happy to win the first event and I hope I will do good also in the future. Stay tuned...

Photos by Julija Gusev


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