Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix 2010

Sardegna is finito. I spent around 1 week on the islad and we had wind every day. First three days before competition was light wind. I was using 5.3 and big board 100l. At the time of competition the wind got stronger, actually one day too much. First day sail size was from 4.9 at the beginning to 3.7 at the end of the day. We finished first double elimination that day and I got 9th. I have to mention I was using the new improved CAAS masts, a little bit harder, which fits perfect to RRD sails. Sails are working much better, more control and more power. Second competition day I woke up and the wind was flying. Gusts were up to 50kts. I rigged 3.7 and prepared my 88l board for high winds. At first I was a bit overpowered, later on I had no control anymore. All the guys were struggling to show the easiest switch and normal stance moves. I was doing quite well so I finished again on 9th place. Third day the conditions were totally different. In the morning we still had some stronger wind, but after it dropped a lot. We were continuing third double elimination, which we started already day before, I was in first heat and it was really hard to pick the right sail size. I went on 5.3 and big board and I was ripping 6heats all together and came to 5th place. At the end we had one discard so after 2 double elimination I was 8th which is quite good result after Podersdorf. Now I am continuing the tour on Lefkada where is the 4th EFPT event. Stay tuned...


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