Hello everyone! As you can see I my site has a new look. I'll try to make it more comfortable for you to browse, so I hope you'll like it. Lets get to the main theme. I'm 3days in Lanzarote already. First day I practice my moves and I was getting used to the conditions with 5.3 and big board 100l, second day was similar to first day but it was not constant enough to start the competition. Third day we were more lucky. Wind picked up at around half two with speed 20-25kts. I took my 5.3 again and I had really good power. To bad that conditions got worse till my heat. Wind got very gusty so it was tricky to sail. You had to be at the right place the right time. I preformed good moves which was enough to advance against Edvan Pedro de Souza, very good sailor from Brazil. Next opponent was 2009 world champion Golito Estredo. Wind got even worse which was not so good for me but last year champion didn't have problems. He won and I finished on 9. place after the single elimination. We still have to finish few heats then we move to the double elimination... That's it for now, stay tuned...

pics from John Carter, PWA


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