Last days on Gran Canaria

Yesterday when I woke up I realized the wind is super light and I was quite happy. It was so good to rest one day. It was not even a resting day but more low activity day. I went with my friends to check the vulcanic remaining and botanic garden. The temperatures are very high for a while so we didn't see very interesting things in the garden. Today wind was back. Spot Vargas was looking interesting for freestyle wave session. I took my 88l Twintip and 4.1 superstyle and I went to try the conditions. Due to gusty wind It was very hard to sail but I still got some ramps for new radical moves. Tomorrow I'm off to Fuerteventura. First few days of rest, then hardcore training to make some good results in competition which starts on 28. july. Stay tuned and check the pic's in the gallery...


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