Windsurf camp in Dahab

You will be desperate to go sailing after loooong winter, that is why I am organizing windsurf camp in Dahab- Egypt end of january and beginning of february. It is not important  if you have skills or what skills you have. I will be there to give you all the knowledge and experience I have and give my best to rise your level. Beginners, intermediate, advanced, old school/ new school freestyle/ freestyle-wave, everyone is welcome.      

29.1.-5.2. - Dahab/ Egipt
5.2.- 12.2.- Dahab/Egipt
12.2.-19.2.- Dahab/ Egipt

New destinations and dates are coming very soon!!!

           More info on:  APPLICATION FORM
                                 +386 40 166 825

           Miran Simerl
                                 +386 31 853 059 

Enjoy and see you on the water!



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