Slovenian championship 2010

This year it happened again! Strong wind, cold air, warm water and fully choppy spot. Izola was the place where we had championship again. This time we had also girls on the water which was super impressive. I can say only RESPECT! The conditions were really hard but ladies didn't care. Everyone was enjoying the show the hole day. After double elimination, also super session was held, where photographers filled the memory card even more. Slovenian championship was the closing event in my windsurfing season. Finally I can disconnect from this part and start preparing on different way. Check the pics and start looking for tickets to warm places, because winter is almost here;)

photos by Ivan Škrlec


 Men:         Women:
1 Žan Andraž 
2 Ribnikar Žan
3 Šude Žan
4 Černec Jure
5 Panjan Jurij
6 Šorc Peter
7 Lampret Dennis
7 Kravanja Marko
9 Vrščaj Maks
9 Kotnik Mitja
9 Korenč Žiga
9 Šušterčič Kristijan  
1 Tanhofer Nina 
2 Sedlar Anja
3 Tanko Vesna 
4 Zibler Eva
5 Jager Anja


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