From Bonaire to Aruba

The third event for world cup pwa in freestyle windsurfing is behind us. perfect wind, great organization and a lot of hard work. Also judges had many problems as the level is so high and many riders has similar skills. We manage to do two double eliminations, I finished both on 17th place. At first I needed a little bit of " warming up " but in last heats I sailed with super high level. After two double eliminations I took 21st place... not the best but I am very satisfied with my sailing at the end, so next events should be much much better. After the competition, there was a nice price giving, party and preparation for next event. next day we flew ( with 4h delay) to Aruba for the fourth event of PWA world cup. The plane was very small and a bit scary. Next day on Aruba we had a lot of time and we checked the island a bit, as well had a nice shopping session :P . After we had to test the spot. Not so cool.... everybody is complaining and we are not happy about the conditions, but if you are good you can pull the moves in any conditions. It is gusty, off shore and shifting every 40m. We all hope for better conditions at the time of competition. At 10am we have registration and after action!!! Keep following and enjoy the pics!


  1. Aruba runs a great event..have fun..and enjoy where Sarah and Quincy trained..I too feel the conditions are tough but enjoy..


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