Lanzarote PWA 2011

Back on Lanzarote after one year. Actually nothing has changed, people are still super friendly, spot is the same, wind is the same... Oh something did change, Anxtion Otageui former sick freestyler opened a restaurant/pizzeria MI PIACE...really nice place with delicious food :). Ok... back to windsurfing :p First my flight was delayed for around 6-7h then we had to fly first to Fuerte before Lanzarote because they were closing the airport, so I arrived to Lanzarote at around 2am instead at 4pm... The "transfer guy" was already long in bed, so luckily I got a taxi. Finally I arrived to the hotel and crashed dead in bed. Next day the wind was not strong but alright for 5.3 Bolt sail and 98l F2 Rodeo, quite powered up. Spot is a bit wavy but I like it a lot... It has a few similarities to my "home spot" Ližnjan, but there are higher and steeper waves. Annnnnd we came to first day of competition... First heat, like every year in single elimination, Edvan Pedro de Souza from Brazil... hehe Last year I won and it seems he had his revenge this time. It was very close, but I was missing a power move. We still didn't finish the single elimination....more action stays for tomorrow!

Pics by JC PWA


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