From Lanzarote to Fuerteventura...

After a finished double elimination on Lanzarote, where I finished on 25th place which is my worst result this year, we took a ferry and try to get  fast to Fuerte. We had some bad luck with this... Ian and me had to take taxi to the Port and we almost missed the ferry. After that we arrived ( Ian, Quincy, Bjorn, Andro and me) to the North of Fuerteventura with 12 boardbags and tried to rent a car or to which will fit all the gear... Not possible... :P No car, taxi was waaaay to expensive so we decided to catch the bus. Hehehe... First few drivers were super gay! They didn't want to take the gear even if there was loads of space... Finally there was a driver with good heart and we put like six boardbags or more. Of course we had to split and take 2-3 busses... Problems again... We split and after 5h we found each other in Costa Calma, where we had to go. All good at the end... the cheapest transport so far but it took us the whole day, hehe... crazy... Now it's time for action.... The wind is nuclear, 3.7 sails in use and it's too much... Check out for the pics soon...Action already caught on track ;)


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