The crazy night!

First stop is here! We had a hard crazy night... Of course, the organization in Egypt is always in shalah:P . We were planing to go to first stop by boat, but not when you feel like to... It has to bee fully high tide and no wind that also means no waves. Ok, if we leave at 7pm will be perfect. The boat came at 8pm when the wind already started... We loaded the boat, drove 50m when the driver got scared and said we have to turn around. Ohhhh man! What to do, we can't go back home, because we bought a lot of food and everything. I asked the local crazy boy: "Mohamed, what options we have?!?! " "We walk" , he smiled. And we walked for one and a half hour. The moon was lighting, so we didn't need so much light. Finally we arrived where we wanted... Everybody was ready to pass out. The wind was already waiting for us, so we couldn't wait for next day!!!

 click on pic for more photos...


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