First week huricano, second week a little bit nicer conditions and here we are... tomorrow is the end of camp in Dahab. Two weeks passed in no time. We had a lot of action with students on the water, some injuries from team side, a few blisters and very nice atmosphere. Beside windsurfing we were snorkeling, "sightseeing" , watching stars in the middle of nowhere, partying and many more things which we will remember for a loooooooooong time.

 Next camp is ready!!! Lesvos, Greece here we come!!!!!!

New project! WHO? Tilo Eber, Paul Zeper, Steven Van Broeckhoven, hopefully Davy Sheffers and me. WHERE? Old and new secret spots in red sea! WHEN? When the wind starts to blow full power :) WHAT? To live your dreams...


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