Pure Greek atmosphere!

We finally arrived to Sigri on Lesvos :) From north to south the landscape was changing all the time, it was very impressive. Everybody excepted us very nice, all the people are super friendly and helpful and you can really feel like at home. The windsurf center is not very very big, but it has everything we need and especially good manager. The spot is also nr.1 flat water like a pancake which is perfect for our students! In the morning there is light breeze and later on the wind picks up for more advanced action... so no party for beginners in the evening because they have to wake up a little bit earlier, well at 9AM :P . First day we didn't have so strong wind, but next days looks great! Time is half past four and the wind is already picking up. Maybe we will have an evening session :) Later tonight video analysis then some chilling in small nice town and watching the most beautiful sunset :)...

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