TRAILER... Adventure Trip In Egypt

Some time passed... A lot of adventure happened and trip in Egypt is done... After first destinations two more followed. Secret spots and El tur- a lot of fun and adrenalin. We got a lot of "friends" from Egyptian army, got stuck 5 times in the send with rent a car, we were sailing very beautiful spot and a lot more... There was a lot of motivation, hard work and it took us a lot of time to had unforgettable moments on the water at the end. Third destination was totally different from first two. Landscape you don't see every day in Egypt gave us sick footage... Unfortunately there is wind just till around 10AM so we were very limited with time... Just Steven caught good conditions and showed nice stuff:) because most of the guys had to leave already. If we sum up... UNFORGETTABLE. And we will share it with you!!! We want, that you don't forget, how is to travel, to search for new sick spots, share all with friends on the water... priceless! Check out the trailer about Adventure Trip in Egypt... First part will be online end of october, soon after 2 more will follow. So don't run away and stay tuned!



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