View from Paradise...

10 days has passed since I arrived to Jeri... Small village "close" to Fortaleza. Every single day wind. Last couple of days hasn't been really windy "just" 4.7 weather and 90l but not full power :D . Well... it looks better again in the future. So... what was going on all this time... I sailed every day, at the beginning a little bit careful but now when my knee is getting better I can sail more confident. Sailing is so much fun, especially with all the guys from all around the world. We watched Andres MINDS WIDE OPEN premiere in Club Ventos, which was totally sick and I recommend everyone to order a copy! We also have quite interesting night life here... Cool time! The other day Max Rowe, Alastair Nichol, Davy Scheffers an me went to Lagoa Azul. After 3 years I almost didn't recognize the lagoon. So much more water than last time when I was there... The wind was a bit gusty but I was powered up with 4.7 . We also did some filming a few times, so maybe there will be a short movie coming out, I don't promise anything... Next few days we are planing another 2 trips, which are super sick :) keep checking and enjoy the photos (not so much action photos yet, soon...)


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