Postcard from 2011

If I look back, 2011 was full of different things and it has passed in no time. A lot of things happened... happy times, new places, new people, a lot of stress, problems, a lot of fun, hard work, not enough rest, parties, projects, a lot of costs, great windsurf camps, new friendships, and more and more stuff... If I draw a line, I can say it was successful year... not easy, but I appreciate every single moment. after a year I got unusual postcard:
New year is here and again new things with it... before I fly to Cape Town there is huge hill of stuff to do... I have unfinished business at university, second thing is the windsurf camp calendar for 2012 which is almost finished and looks super great ( can't wait to start teaching), my knee has to be more than 100% ready for some sick waves in CT and very interesting project has to be closed... So... full on in 2012 :) take it easy and enjoy where ever you are ;)


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