Cape Town cruisin'

After two long years my next destination in february was again South Africa- country of one of the oldest nations in Africa. The trip to the south was pretty long and tirying. How was it? SUPERCOOL! For sure we all always want more wind as waves, because the season was not the best this year. Locals say the season from 2003 repeated this time, when some days there is wind, then 3-4 days of turism and so on... But I can not complain. Mostly I was on F2 4.8 freestyle concept and F2 96l- new one...



I was sailing a lot in Langebaan, like 100km to the north from Tableview, where I lived, as the wind was stronger up there. I caught some sick days in Milnerton( spot a bit more upwind from Sunset beach) and the best day I had in Witsands where we had wind from the right around logo to mast high clean and loooong lines :) My main reason beside training was testing of F2 equipment. Almost every windy day I was testing freestyle gear on the lake, in Langebaan and on waves a few hours, mostly sails. Luckily there was a few days where we had perfect conditions and I could test in 3h all sails as the wind started from very light to super hurricano. I tested all starting from 5.6 ; 5.2; 4.8; 4.4; to 4.0 on all kind of masts. That was quite interesting, instructive and very hard work. After 2 weeks the testing was finished with very positive results, like we expected. With F2 team we also had a photoshoot for F2 2013 catalogue which will come out in the next few months.



With training and work you also have to see some places and do some sight seeing. For the second time I climbed Table mountain- the flattest mountain I've ever seen, I surfed a few times, I was exploring beautiful nature with friends, tested some local wines and cheese in the nearest wine farm and said hi to the penguins in the south :P . That and much more was going on over the last month... Thanks to Jan Tomazin and  Oli Stauffacher for pics. More photos on FACEBOOK, and in april/may ;)


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