SPARTAN wetsuits... AWSOME !!!

Recently I got a few Spartan wetsuits to test... I tested the winter one and I have to tell you, honestly I never felt so comfortable on the water like now... Reflex 5/4/3 is just awesome. The water was around 10 degrees and I didn't feel it at all... I was sweating like crazy, so I had to crash a bit to cool down. Super stretchy and really warm... the thing I really really hate about winter wetsuits is that my hands always start to hurt, with this one the sleeves are kind of loose, which gives you great feeling. I am super excited to go sailing again. Oh yes and the Spartan winter cap... first I though I will look a bit funny, but it's cool and extremely warm... I hate winter "ninja" caps because I feel like a robot, but the "normal" winter cap I have now is super handy! Check out for more suits on .


  1. Yes, It is really nice wetsuit. I like this lycra for watersports purpose.


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