Let the summer begin

Finally I have found some time to write about my past/next weeks... So far I've been just sailing at home spots, finishing the projects and exams for university,organizing windsurf camps, filming, editing and being tired from everything almost every day :) ...Slowly everything is calming down except the training part and teaching part... In a few days I am moving to Rhodes, Greece, where the next camp will be held, so those who want to join us klick HERE to book your unforgettable summer. After that I am flying straight to Fuerteventura, where the second event for PWA will be full on! Very interesting names, everybody on form, so will be nice to see the level on the event. When Fuerte is finished I will fly back to Greece. To an amazing island, my favorite one- Lesvos. This year they worked hard to organize an EFPT event. I am very excited to take part in EFPT competition as last 2 years I didn't compete much on that tour, which is actually super cool and instructive. Second destination of EFPT tour is Alacati, Turkey. Also a very very good place to be... shallow water, good wind, delicious food just can't wait to go there. Each competition will be ON, a few days and you can check everything online. After Alacati I will go back to Sigri, Lesvos, where I will go on with my training and prepare everything for the windsurf camp 2.9. - 9.9.
. That is the summer which is waiting for me, so after around 2 months back home, then more interesting plans are coming :) Stay tuned!



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