Windsurf camp in Dahab, Egypt

Windsurf camp in Dahab was the first camp I organized in 2012. There were many people who joined us in amazing week. I had 3 groups- beginners intermediate windsurfers and advanced windsurfers. Everyone was very motivated to learn new stuff, get new skills and experience the adrenaline when planning :) . First two groups learned almost everything what was planned but for advanced windsurfers there was not enough wind, so they concurred light wind tricks like helitack, pushtack,... got much more theoretical info and got closer to windsurf world. when the wind totally dropped in the afternoon I took them to very interesting places around Dahab for snorkeling. This time there is so many fishes like I didn't see for a long time. In evenings we checked the shoots what went wrong on the water and had some crazy fun parties. Beside the wind everything was super good and I am looking forward for next camp in Alacati Turkey on 23.june !

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