Greek summer

Finally back home after almost 2 month of traveling in Greece… FIrst I was on Lesvos in Sigri, where I organized a windsurf camp. It should be just one week, but I had to extend it for another week as there was so many applications and I don't accept more than 10 people per week. So 2 weeks of Sigri was very very nice… good wind, nice people and like always super good local food. We had a great time with the group and I even had some time to sail after the lessons, so I was really stoked… Thanks again to sigrisurf ( Marcel and Martina ) for hospitality and all the help! After that it was a very tiering trip in front of me… 1 day ferry from Lesvos to Pireaus, then the whole day in the port and another day with the ferry to Karpathos… It was not easy, but it's always really cool to travel with the ferry! So finally I had a chance to see one of the windiest places on the planet… I actually never wanted to visit this place, but it looks like there was some hidden reason why it was not pulling me there… Anyway… windy every single day… first week I was totally overpowered on my 4.0 F2 freestyle concept and 96l F2 Rodeo, then it f got better- I was just overpowered… I also received my 2014 gear , but unfortunately it was 102l and 4.7 which was always uncontrollable too big. there was just two evenings the wind dropped and I was lucky to try it… Just unbelievable… the sail is so stable and has so much lift in the moves…beside that is really strong and lighter than my 2013 4.0 ( which is already super light)… 400cm CAAS Power wave mast 100% carbon with hard top fit perfectly so I have no complains… Enough of this spec thing… The island… it's just great! Super different nature and very beautiful beaches… all the locals are very nice… maybe a little bit strange ( they say it's just this year) but all in all… top! Definitely I will come next year ! The best thing is that the wind is blowing the whole day, and you don't have any worries about it… so you can relax, do your thing, then hit the water and have a great time… I improved a lot in 4 weeks and I am happy to get my old motivation back! Lets see what the future brings ;)

Just an ordinary kono from Andraž Žan on Vimeo.


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