Home spot was on!

It was a long time since I sailed on this "home" spot... But forecast was really good for Croatia so I was immediately on the road to get some action! I really missed the smell of pine trees, sound of waves hitting the rocks and all the people which I always meet on that kind of spots... It was great time again. First day was a little bit cloudy and wind was dropping, picking up and dropping again but it was around 25kts so it was perfect to play around with my new F2 102l Rodeo 2014 and 4.7 F2 concept wave. I was also testing the 400cm 100% hard top CAAS mast and it was working really good on the new sail... super stable, it made good profile of the sail and really calm in ducking so I'm looking forward even more for the ultra light version of the masts... Next day it was even better, sun woke me up, and the wind started to pick up in the morning already, so around 9am I hit the water and had a lot of fun... even if I was totally broken from the previous day :P. So another 2 cool days at home spot. I can't wait for the next good forecast!


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