It has been long time since my last update... Just too much work, traveling and sailing... I'm in Brazil more than 1 month now and it has been windy almost every single day. We had lots of different conditions so far- waves, flat, a lot of chop but there is always great fun! I sailed most of the time in Jeri in front of Club Ventos and spots close by but last few days I moved to Camocim to upgrade my freestyle skills as there is glassy flat water and strong wind so it's perfect to get safe on the big moves, before hitting the crazy chops again. Last week the wind dropped after 4weeks so I was using F2 Rodeo 96l and 4.7 concept wave but Santa just brought us a big Christmas present with at least 1 week of super strong wind, so I will change back to my smaller weapons Rodeo 90l and 4.3 concept wave . I have to say I am really super happy with my gear, it's so nice to just focus on the sailing as the gear is working sick! till next update... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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