Luža Petrol 007

For the 7th time, event called Luža was held on famous Slovenian ski resort RTC Krvavec. Even though the spring is already here, there was still snow to organize a great event. We had 3 disciplines: Ski, snowboard and other(WTF). I thought at least 1 day I should have on snow this year, so I attached my sail on snowboard and action. First I was not sure if I will be able to reach the kicker, but somehow I did and went for high cheeseroll. In the finals I didn't have much speed...anyway I reached the kicker again and jumped into back loop. I came first in WTF discipline because everyone sure thought wtf is this guy thinking- sail, snowboard  :P ? It was great fun. Water was freezing cold but adrenalin was warming us up all day :) . So 1 day on snow for 2011/12 season - checked.



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