PWA Costa Teguise, day 2

Today competition started with skippers meeting at 10am. Wind was looking good, it was increasing all day and with the tide going down we also got some nice waves. Like I said yesterday, I sailed against Marcilio Browne in the first heat of single elimination and I lost. I was sailing very bad, the wind was still gusty and I was a bit confused what kind of moves should I do...Anyway I didn't have much chance against him. We saw some realy good heats afterwards, especially Steven Van Broeckhoeven made a big impreasion on everybody. Top 3-5 guys were sailing unbelivable sick. I shouldn't forget the girls. Girls showed good action aswell, especially Sarah Quita. She could compete with guys. Soon we started a double elimination. In first heat I got Levy Lenz from Brasil. I sailed super good so I advanced. Next one was the Italian raper Matia Pedrani, a very good sailor. I made some mistakes and I lost, but we were very close. I checked the sailing sheets and If I would make the toad, which I crashed when I rediciouslly lost the sail at the end, I would won. Slowlly I am getting my competition form so we will see what hapens tomorrow. Forecast looks even better and waves will be bigger aswell.

Untill tomorrow....


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