PWA Costa Teguise, day 3

Third day is finished. We finished the first double elimination and second single. Winner of the first double was Golito Estredo and winner of second single was Marcilio Browne. In women all eliminations Sarah Quita won. The wind was realy strong at 1.15 pm when we started the second single. I was on 4.3 Lip wave and 100l RRD Twintip fully powered up. The conditions were hard. Big waves, sometimes also mast high, and very gusty wind. I was sailing against Leo Ray who stoped me already in the first heat. I did some nice moves like air flaka, shaka flaka, very high ponch, high staled forward,... but I dropped a few moves so it was not to advance. It showes we will have another windy and wavey day tomorrow, so hope it goes better for has to.

Stay tuned...


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