PWA Costa Teguise, day 5

In the morning we start very early, at 9am. First we had to finish single in which I didn't sail. I still felt big pain and I was against Tonky so I didn't want to force it. I took painkillers and they started to work by double. I was waiting for my opponent. It was Rossmeier Michael. I started to sail like I can normally sail in freesailing I did super good heat and I won. Next one was Polish guy Tom Wiecorek. The wind dropped a lot. Before I was on 4.7 360 free (The Loft) and RRD 90l twintip fully powered up, in heat against Tom 4.7 was small, I was pumping a lot but I manage to land some good moves like switch both sides...I advanced again. Next was Marcilio Browne again. Wind was even lighter. I took 5.2 360 free and It was just enough. Brawzinio is to good so I lost. I finished on 9th place today which is really good. After 3 doubles I ended on 17th place which is not so bad for first time. At the beginning I was getting used to everything so later at the end I sailed good and I kicked some ass. That is all. Now prize giving, party and tomorrow we go to Fuerteventura where we will train for 3 weeks before the event. Let see how everything goes.Enjoy!


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