PWA Costa Teguise, day 4

Day 4 is over. It was not really a good day for me. In the single I was against Levy Lenz. I won against him already, but this time I made really big mistake. I went for a super high backloop and afterwards big sets came and washed me like 200m downwind. I lost a lot of time. I was able to pull one more move and 2 more crashes. Downwind is not good to sail. It is super super gusty and my lip wave 3.7 was not big enough as upwind where I was fully overpowered. Anyway I lost. In the double I was against Nico Akgazcyan but he got injured so he didn't show up, I advanced. I had to sail anyway though. It was a mistake to go for big moves. I just changed the footstrap and I trimed it a bit to wide, so during toad full powered and full speed my foot went out of footstrap. I crashed on the board and twisted my big muscle on the leg. I hardly came out and went straight to the doctor. Perfect cure- rest. We will see how it goes on....


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